In 2005, shortly after founding CLHunter Consulting, Christopher engaged me to assist with the visual design concepts and logistical planning of his new web site.  In addition I created multiple visual elements for the site, including an animated version of his corporate logo. In 2013, Christopher began a project to update his website.  I supported this effort with a development consultation which included an SEO evaluation & plan focusing on increasing visitor traffic & enhancing user experience. Additionally I provide Christopher with extensive documentation support for his business in the creation of presentation imagery, template creation, and customer survey compilation services.

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Christopher Hunter, Owner & Founder
CLHunter Consulting, Inc.

I have worked with Robin for over 10 years and continue to seek her guidance and expertise regularly as I grow my business. Robin possesses a rare combination of intellect, creativity and interpersonal astuteness and leverages that skill set to build the necessary but often neglected bridge between technical know-how and client satisfaction. She is able to understand the needs of the client and then successfully translate those objectives into a solution that meets or exceeds expectations.”