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This live webinar session (one in a continuing series) was recorded in Go-To-Webinar & edited/processed in Premiere Pro.  I created & added multiple image elements.  Additionally, I edited the audio significantly to tighten up verbal ticks & pauses of the presenters.

Webinar Series

Bi-Weekly Video Series:  the Classi-Files


The Classi-files video series was a concept I developed when our, then intern,  Peter Cassidy suggested we make videos that "go viral". The idea was to make faux "spoiler" videos that provided sneak peeks at technology, product & services.  Some of the videos are very tongue-in-cheek humor, as most successful viral videos are.  Others are very serious presentations of technical subjects.  Unfortunately we never went viral - but the series as a whole received significant views & helped drive traffic to our site.  I shot the series with a held-held camera, in a shaky shout-out to the X-Files, and edited / produced it in Adobe Premiere Pro.  There are 13 episodes in the series.  To watch all, click the link button above to my YouTube channel.  

One of the challenges in a small company is having to wear many hats.  The reward is the vast experience you gain from wearing many hats.

This video tour was produced entirely in-house using an inexpensive hand-held camera and Adobe Premiere Pro.  I wrote the script; developed, scheduled & directed the shoot; edited the raw video; created the imagery & typographical elements; and sync'd the audio.

In addition to posting on the company website & social media channels; this video was burned to DVD with a customized, branded label as a high-resolution video & utilized by the Sales department as leave-behind collateral for customers & prospects.